8th Grade Tree Planting in November.

It’s finally happened. The 8th grade class will be planted two trees Monday , Nov 9th. We have been doing some research into the different types of trees and decided that the large leaf linden tree would do well in this region. It will grow tall and strong enough to handle the activities of the play ground. It will grow to a size that will provide a shady spot on hot days and the smell of the fragrant flowers in spring will bring a happy feeling to all who take the time to smell. The class of 2010 will be preparing the ground and planting the trees next Monday if all goes well with the delivery. One of the trees will be in their name and the second tree will be planted for the two kindergarten classrooms. Let’s help children understand the importance of the trees and identify ways of caring and protecting them.

Maestro Trigueros

See more photos here.

Tree Planting

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