Whittier Elementary School Final Renovation Project List

After collaborating with members of Whittier School, Pilsen Alliance, Whittier Parent Committee, and Women Cooperative Movement, Patricia Taylor and the CPS team decided on the renovations below.

Fieldhouse Not to be Demolished Rather to be  used as Library and Parent Room

•        Provide bookcase with books

•        Tables & Chairs

ADA Compliance $89,000

•        New concrete slope walkway, on entrance at Wolcott St.

•        Provide lift from ground floor and all remaining floors so that students and parents with disabilities have access to entire school.

Cafeteria $383,000

•        Expanded cafeteria

•         Salad bar

•        Hot kitchen with conventional stove

•        New grease drainage system,

•        Provide more tables and seating area

•        Provide all new finishes

Science Room $286,000

•        Removal of all lead and asbestos

•        Provide new cabinets

•        Provide science workstations with sinks

•        Paint

•        Provide updated piping as needed

•        Secure all piping

•        Provide new flooring

•        Update all science equipment.

Computer Lab $94,000

•        Renovate classroom

•        Provide new student work desks will include mechanical and electrical


•        Provide new doorway modifications.

•        Provide code required ventilation.


•        Provide lockers to meet student capacity. Provide 150 new lockers 5% to be ADA children complaint height.

Gymnasium $35,000

•        Replace existing 3rd floor classroom entrances and doors for acoustic barriers to gymnasium

Security Camera System $75,000

•        Demo existing TV/Video system

•        Provide new high definition security camera system

*$356,000 Field house

*$70,000 Parent Room

*$111,000 State funds

*Remaining money that could possibly used based on the original $1.4 million worth of funds for renovations

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