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Whittier Dual Language School

The Whittier Parents Committee, Women Cooperative Movement, and Pilsen Alliance have been demanding improvements for years, yet their cries seemed to fall to the deaf ears of Ron Huberman and CPS.  The three organizations after much work were able to send a list of improvements, and director of funding of CPS Patricia Taylor and a CPS team countered with list of their improvements for the school.

Parent Version of School Improvements (10/23/2009)

  1. Hot food
  2. Classrooms third floor
  3. 2nd floor library
  4. Computer lab 2nd floor
  5. Parent Center 1st floor
  6. Parking
  7. ADA compliant
  8. Reading interventions
  9. Librarian
  10. Classroom With lockers
  11. Science Lab
  12. Library

List of school improvements by CPS (First Version)

  1. Renovated and expanded lunchroom including flooring, painting, masonry, repairs and revised kitchen and serving line layouts. $383,000
  2. ADA accessible entrance with controls and ramp to the ground floor of the school.  $89,000
  3. Build out for a new parent room on the ground floor including flooring, painting and re-installing window.  $79,000
  4. New Science lab space build out on the ground floor including flooring, painting, masonry repairs, new casework and working sinks. $286,000
  5. Removal of all antiquated TV/Video system throughout the school. $7,000
  6. Renovated computer lab for 32 workstations with power distribution, new entryway door and painting $94,000
  7. Replace existing 3rd floor classroom entrances and doors for acoustical barrier to gymnasium $35,000
  8. Fully enclosed existing MDF room and provide appropriate mechanical system to exhaust the space and control the temperature. $44,000
  9. New high definition security camera system
  10. Field House demolition $356,000

*Based on approximately $1.4 million budget


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