Looking Glass Theatre at Whittier School

The prestigious Looking Glass Theater Company started an initiative to outreach to schools and communities in an attempt to increase awareness of the fine arts and to promote the theater. This is their first year with the initiative and there are plans to continue growing the relationship with future drama classes at Whittier. We were granted tickets for all of our 7th and 8th grade students to attend latest presentation of Peter Pan. The performance was a hit with everyone. It presented Peter Pan in a light that was interesting and relative to young adults and children. In preparation for the performance we received three visits prior to the show and a follow-up visit after the show. We were visited by Justin who teaches acting classes at Columbia University. He did a great job getting students to think about the different elements of a play and provided many opportunities for students to practice the art of acting. Needless to say they did not need much practice. Our students are gifted in this area. After the show, Ms. Nora Arroyo, our Middle School Science and Spanish language teacher, incorporated the performance into her lessons by asking students to write a reflective essay in Spanish. I incorporated the play into our advisory meetings. Students made many connections with their lives and that of the characters.

Mr. Jose Trigueros – Middle School Math Teacher (Math in Spanish)

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