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Good news about the Whittier Choir, which meets every Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. in the gym, under the direction of Andy Morgan, of the Chicago Children’s Choir.   Many children come early to sing in Latin, English, Spanish and other languages, while learning songs of other cultures.  Attendance has varied from 33 to 49!   Choir mothers help get children in line, and then follow up on attendance. Their help is a fine support for the Whittier Choir.   We look forward to children  coming on time,  and singing familiar songs during the week, as this helps them develop their aural memory.   Their first performance with other school choirs is on February 17 or 18 at the Cultural Center downtown at Michigan and Madison.  Parents and the community are invited to that event.  We will let you know when the date is chosen for our choir to sing.  Congratulations to the children of the choir, and to their teachers and parents who support their early morning singing.
Author: Irene Krull
Retired Whittier Teacher and active supporter of garden and musical initiatives at Whittier School.

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