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Congratulations to the staff and teachers on the $3,100 raised in the raffle for the Whittier Choir. On Monday, October 3rd, at 3:00 p.m., the drawing was held. First prize ipad2, ticket #440 sold by Jose Trigueros, went to Beatrice Perez, a neighbor of Jose’s. The second prize, an ipod touch, was won a ticket sold by Maria Catalan.

Because this money was raised, the Whittier Choir had it’s first rehearsal on Tuesday, October 4th, at 8:00 a.m. Twenty nine children attended, many new to the choir this year. On Tuesday, Oct 11, more children who attended from last year plan to come.

The total yearly cost for the choir includes one morning rehearsal a week, with two major field trips, one to Navy Pier and one to Millennium Park, is $4,625. Donations are still being accepted.

At the Oct. 4 rehearsal, Youna Cho, the new director, led the children in songs: one in Latin, one in Spanish, and one in a South African language. In a ‘getting to know you’ session, each child told the group one thing about himself/herself that the others may not know. The pictures also tell the story about the joy they had in singing.’

A big thank your to all who bought the raffle tickets. Your donation is for a much worthy cause, bringing a quality music program for out students. What a beautiful gift indeed!

Irene Vitullo, Whittier Childrens Choir Patron


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