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History Stops By Whittier: Dr. Terrance Roberts

Dr. Terrence Roberts is a member of the famous Little Rock Nine. The Little Rock Nine was a group of African-American students who were enrolled in the racially segregated Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Unfortunately, only 9 of the 150 African American students

Renaissance 2010: What it Means to You

Chicago’s Renaissance 2010 is a plan to close, consolidate, or  turn around schools and turn them over to private charter school operators or selective enrollment schools. Students usually are transferred from one low scoring school to another due to their original school closed.  Renaissance 2010

Renovations List: Parents v. CPS

The Whittier Parents Committee, Women Cooperative Movement, and Pilsen Alliance have been demanding improvements for years, yet their cries seemed to fall to the deaf ears of Ron Huberman and CPS.  The three organizations after much work were able to send a list of improvements,

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Whittier Elementary School Final Renovation Project List

After collaborating with members of Whittier School, Pilsen Alliance, Whittier Parent Committee, and Women Cooperative Movement, Patricia Taylor and the CPS team decided on the renovations below. Fieldhouse Not to be Demolished Rather to be  used as Library and Parent Room •        Provide

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Public v. Private v. Charter Schools

Based on the results that we have found on both the public, private & charter school test scores, we are able to say that most schools are trying to find a way to make there students scores look average or normal. We all observed was