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Whittier School Choir on a Roll

Good news about the Whittier Choir, which meets every Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. in the gym, under the direction of Andy Morgan, of the Chicago Children’s Choir.   Many children come early to sing in Latin, English, Spanish and other languages, while learning songs

Preguntale a Amber

Estimada Amber, Necesito ayuda con este enorme problema que tengo. Bueno, mi mamá quiere que me vaya con mi papá el próximo año. Ella quiere que vaya a vivir con él porque ella no quiere lidiar conmigo. Ella está cansada de mí, de cómo me

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Dr. Terrence Roberts Visits Whittier Dual Language School

Powerful! Dr. Roberts came to be at Whittier Dual Language School thanks via our partner organization “Facing History and Ourselves.” Craig Segal, middle school teacher of literature and the American Constitution, is a member of the “Teacher Leadership Team” for Facing History and Ourselves. Thanks