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Return of Herman Cohn Holocaust Survivor and Liberator

Last week, Holocaust survivor Herman Cohn visited my classroom for the culminating activity of our final Social Studies thematic unit. Cohn is an energetic, spry man. At 89, he recently completed a tour of European schools, where he was invited to share his stories of

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Dr. Terrence Roberts Visits Whittier Dual Language School

Powerful! Dr. Roberts came to be at Whittier Dual Language School thanks via our partner organization “Facing History and Ourselves.” Craig Segal, middle school teacher of literature and the American Constitution, is a member of the “Teacher Leadership Team” for Facing History and Ourselves. Thanks

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Middle School Student Inquiry: Election 2008

The 6th and 7th graders have been studying the upcoming presidential elections. The focus of the last 2 weeks was on the process of selecting a new president. We learned about how states contribute a different number of points – or “electoral votes” – to