For nearly 10 weeks, the 6th and 7th grade students have been researching about, writing and performing scientific experiments.  They began the school year brainstorming topics of interest.

With the help and perseverance of Albert, our technologist, they then dove into the Internet and the Science Buddies site to find information for their research papers. After picking and clawing their way through the research process, they wrote research papers and  designed experiments that they would perform themselves. They wrote a testable question, chose one variable to manipulate (known as the independent variable), identified the dependent variable, and the variables to hold constant, composed an hypothesis and wrote up the experiment. As they conducted the experiment,they compiled a data table which was later interpreted into a graph and analyzed in their results and conclusion. The students also wrote an error analysis to reflect on how they could improve their experiment.

Judges chosen from the school staff and larger community (Greencorps, Neighborspace, Chicago State University, Governors State University, etc) evaluated the projects using a rubric which touched on each part of the steps listed above. Ribbons were awarded to all with the blue ribbons going to the highest scores, red to second place and green for participants. The highest scorers will be exhibiting at the Regional Science Fair. Sixth graders will merely exhibit. The 7th graders will compete to go on to the all city science fair.

Visit the Whittier Dual Language School Gallery for more photos of the science fair.

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