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Meet Gema

Gema is in the middle.

On February 12, 2010, Grecia and I interviewed Gema Gaete of Pilsen Alliance. We asked her many different questions about what she does. She explained a lot of what she does to help Whittier and other schools. She works with Whittier parents fighting for school improvements. She had been fighting for us for a long time, and all that changed since then was nothing. The CPS people have been ignoring us for a long time, and she has not given up.
Does Whittier need a lot of improvements?

She said that she wouldn’t say that. It might seem that way but it’s not, we just need a lot of necessary things. For example: We need a science lab, full gymnasium, a computer lab etc. As you can see Whittier needs a lot but they are for thing that we actually need. We don’t want to get something that we don’t need.

How much money does Whittier need?

We need a lot of money for all the things that we are asking for. We need 1.4 million dollars for all the improvements. For a school expansion we need 15 million dollars. We need a lot of money.

Do you think that the old police station to be a part of Whittier School?

Anything is possible. Anything is possible if ,everyone who is supporting Whittier, works together. Whittier parents and friends shouldn’t give up. We need to continue asking for things that what we need.

Lastly, can you imagine Whittier without any problems?

Of course. We have a lot of people supporting us, like Students, Parents, Administration and the Community . They are all helping so anything is possible. She thinks that anything will be possible. She thinks that one day, Whittier will have no problems, and I have to agree with her. If everyone who has been helping us keep doing what they are doing to help. We want to thank Gema for always helping us and always being there for us, so thank you Gema.

Monica & Grecia

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