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Renaissance 2010: What it Means to You

Don't Leave Neighborhood Schools Behind!!!

Chicago’s Renaissance 2010 is a plan to close, consolidate, or  turn around schools and turn them over to private charter school operators or selective enrollment schools. Students usually are transferred from one low scoring school to another due to their original school closed.  Renaissance 2010 helps with gentrification and cultural clashes due to several people from different communities forced to be at school.  This facilitates violence and animosity between students from different communities.  The demographics most affected by school closings and turn arounds are the minorities like African Americans and Hispanics as they are more likely to be in an underperforming school due to their usually underfunded and in a poorer neighborhood.

Under Renaissance 2010, it gives CPS power to change expectations for a school’s progress to make it easier to close schools for their own motives, i.e new schools, buildings, and infrastructure.  It is important for schools to know ways they can protect themselves from being erased by CPS.

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