5th and 6th graders in rooms 307 and 308 are in the middle of an inquiry examining different world cultures. Students are learning how to conduct research, collect note cards, cite sources and surf the web for information.

Presenters will come into class and share their experiences growing up in Middle Eastern, African and Native American cultures.

1. Their guiding question is a day in the life of a child from . . .
2. Students are using their map skills
3. Honing in on inquiry questions
4. Final project is a travel brochure that they will make with their country of origin and subtopics.
5. Students have been working with Changing Worlds for 3 years, and this is the year where the focus is expository writing
(The subtopics have been chosen by students and posted on Edmodo)

Authors Ms. Kim Alamar and Ms. Gabi Chong – Hinojosa

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