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Chicago Public Schools announced that The Whittier 5/6 Team of Kim Alamar and Gabi Chong and students were one of the winners of  an  iPad Integration RFP, Winter 2010 Category 3 – “Student 1:1” grant.  The grant required that the  students must provide a description of how the iPads will help them master State, federal and/or school curriculum standards. Associated apps should also be tied to the description and standards.

The process of  creating the grant in a collaborative manner required digital tools that would support an easy way to collaborate among staff and students and between staff for the final drafts of the grant.  Edmodo powered the iPad inquiry process and Google Docs enabled the co-creation of the final draft of the winning grant. Watching four members of the team write, edit and proofread at the same time  is an incredible sight.

Kim Alamar, Gabi Chong, Albert Delgado, Dan Scheinfeld collaborated on the final draft.  Our principal, Ms. Garcia proofread parts of the grant and made some edits.


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