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Whittier Xochiquetzal Garden Wins Mayor’s Landscape Award!

Congratulations, Xochiquetzal Gardeners! We have won the Mayor’s

Landscape 1st Place Award for Schools in Region 2. The Mayor’s Landscape

Awards is an annual program that recognizes the many Chicagoans who help

make our city motto “Urbs en Horto” (Garden in the City) come alive.

The program is open to all residents and businesses located in Chicago.

Our garden was recognized with a lovely brunch event on the morning of

Saturday, Dec 3 at the Hyatt Regency on Wacker. Several dignitaries were

i, including Aaron Durnbaugh, Deputy Commissioner of Dept of

Environment. Karen Weigert Chief Sustainability Officer . The keynote

speaker was Gerald Adelmann, president and CEO of Openlands, an

organization which protects the natural and open spaces of northeastern

Illinois. We were represented by Irene Vitullo, Cliff Howard, Claudia

Greene and Miguel Espinosa, Jr.


We want to thank all the teachers, our principal, Zoila Garcia, community

members and especially students who have helped to make our garden

beautiful. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Irene Vitullo, and Kim Alamar, who

helped found the garden, teachers Allie Epstein, Maria Gallegos, Laura

Caravello, Nora Arroyo, Jose Trigueros, Martha Herrera, Martha Carbajal,

Ruth Sanchez, Amy Clark, Uriel Muro, Maria Catalan, and Claudia Greene,

parents Miguel Espinosa, Sr. and Angelica Perez and community members

Miguel Espinosa Jr., Rose Escobar and Cliff Howard.



We also would like to acknowledge GreenCorps for the reconstruction of out

garden beds and continued support. Finally, our gratitude is also offered

to Neighborspace and Alderman Danny Solis who with their collaboration

has helped sustained our garden.

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