Our science fair journey began in late October when some dedicated 8th grade students took some of  their own time after school to research topics that interested them. Jorge M. decided to follow his interests in video games to create one of his own which involved defending the world from some very tricky red dragons. Beatrice R. decided to take on blood splatter analysis. She conducted 3 trials using artificial blood and a paint brush to re-enact the blood splatters. She took the angle of the height and width of selected splatters to determine the angle of impact. Ruben Dorian S. delved into thousands of data points to discover if people who play video games become addicted to them. Adrian B. and Raul D. analyzed how the temperature of water affects the manner in which the ice crystals develop as the water freezing. All these students will be attending the Regional Science Fair on Friday, January 24. They will be joined by two intrepid sixth grades: Gilberto N.  and Cristian V. who discovered which soda causes the largest explosion when added to Mentos candy.

by Ms. Claudia Greene – Middle School Science Teacher and “Guide on the Side” for our  science fair contestants.

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