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Whittier School 8th Graders Field Trip to Springfield

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On June 1st, the 8th graders went to our capitol, Springfield, Il, which is a Whittier School 8th grade tradition. We visited the  Abraham Lincoln Museum and the Illinois State Capitol Building. In the Abraham Lincoln Museum we saw wax figures that represented the story of his life, how he lived as a young kid, when he met his wife, his children, when he became president, how he worked, when he got killed, how his wife became a widow and  his funeral. We also saw some movies about the life of Abraham Lincoln and got the chance to see what the White House when he was president. When we got to the Illinois State Capitol Building it was pretty and really elegant.  Further inside the building,  we got the chance to see where the Governor sometimes works, a brief look at the  House of Representatives chamber and where the Secretary of State’s offices are located. One of the hits of the trip was eating at Golden Corral where we could eat to our hearts content! – D. Galan 8th Grader

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