Undocumented parents can apply for food stamps (SNAP) and cash assistance (Temporary Aid For Needy Families TANIF) for their children if their children are citizens.
For a family with 3 citizens, they would receive about $500/month in food stamps and about $400/month in cash. Most people are qualifying for the maximum amount of assistance due to the crisis and loss of work.
There is no need for a bank account. It will all go on the Link card sent to your home.
All public aid offices are closed. Parents will apply online and a public aid worker will call them with a follow up interview.
Parents do not need a social security number. They just need some kind of ID (It can be an ID for foreign country), phone number address, social security numbers for their citizen children and other very basic information. They can take a picture or scan the ID and send it in.
Unless you have a warrant out for your arrest, no information will be shared with ICE! The only other agency DHS may have to share info with is DCFS in cases of suspected abuse or neglect.
Undocumented children are not eligible for this food or cash assistance, but they are eligible for free health coverage.

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