Whittier CPS Science Fair Contestants

  As other students slept in, our intrepid scientists endured blowing winds and cold temperatures to arrive in style at the Richard J Daley College 2014 Science Fair. They waited for approximately 2 hours as judges carefully combed through the hundreds of research papers and write ups. When their time came,

Science Fair Preparation

Our science fair journey began in late October when some dedicated 8th grade students took some of  their own time after school to research topics that interested them. Jorge M. decided to follow his interests in video games to create one of his own which involved defending the world from some

Whittier School Middle School Science Fair

Fallback Image

For nearly 10 weeks, the 6th and 7th grade students have been researching about, writing and performing scientific experiments.  They began the school year brainstorming topics of interest. With the help and perseverance of Albert, our technologist, they then dove into the Internet and the Science Buddies site to find information